Art For Earth was created to assist the efforts of those organizations, foundations, groups, individuals, and corporations who have shown a dedicated commitment to helping preserve and protect the creatures of earth and the habitats they depend upon.

Global climate change, energy and mineral exploration and extraction, as well as the pressures of urban and industrial development are all threatening pristine landscapes and ecosystems across the world, and endangering critical species. The list gets quickly longer, of species that have been forced by our civilization into extinction. Pollution, wildfires, hunting, poaching, and invasive species add additional pressures to the already stressed creatures that inhabit our remaining wild lands and waters.

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Support Art and the Earth
Ten percent of the purchase price of any artwork on this site helps support the missions of these selected organizations who are doing the research, studies, and field work, to identify, fund, and fight for threatened ecosystems and animals across the US and the globe. They keep us informed, connected, and able to have a voice at the table of public opinion and public policy.


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