Enigmatic Phenomenon (EP) defines the, as-yet-undefined or unexplained - as witnessed and experienced by people throughout the world - and even recorded on increasingly ubiquitous cameras. Normal citizens, being
confronted by things that don't fit into their idea of conventional or normal, often find themselves challenged to imagine the unconventional, the abnormal, or the profound. Because we belong to a very curious species,
we feel the need to raise questions that not all are comfortable asking, or finding answers to. Our understanding of physics, energy, the human mind - even our place in the universe is incomplete.

I love a good mystery, but I always prefer to have the mystery solved before the end of the story. These works represent those mysteries and the quest to know more, be smarter, and become enlightened.
As a college student in 1978, I witnessed an unidentified, dark-colored, triangular aircraft hovering silently above me - something for which I still have no conventional explanation.

These intriguing phenomena stimulate our individual and collective consciousness, as we struggle to percieve what ultimately defines reality - as we think we know it.





























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