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Welcome to The Wend Gallery

Daniel Wend is an artist and illustrator, living in the Seattle area, working in oil pastels, acrylics and mixed media. This website gallery contains his original artwork, available as originals, limited edition prints, and art cards.

Daniel Wend


Elemental Works






Wildlife Art

Pencil, Pen & Ink




Folding Art Screens & Room Dividers

History Made Life-Size
Historic figures, colorized & made life-size


Waiting - 30" x 24"
mixed media on canvas

Inspiration in every direction

As rugged and wild as parts of this planet still are, It's become clear to most, how vulnerable and fragile our environment is."

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dan@wendimages.com with "include" in the subject line.

Dan is available for commission work and special projects. Contact Dan with any questions or requests for quotes.

Support a Cause - Help the world through art

The American Mountain Lion is a majestic symbol of freedom and wilderness. They are increasingly threatened by habitat loss, hunting, and loss of prey species.

Your purchase helps support the Mountain Lion Foundation.



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